by Mister Wilson

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samples Godzilla 2 - Battle Theme


Verse 1
WilZilla coming to a town near you,
Best believe you will Getta clear view,
This goes out to the men, women, and children,
I'm steppin on cars and knockin down the buildings,
Instead of raindrops y'all bout to get loogies,
Crossing my path will have you sonned Godzuki,
Being a beast is a dope thing,
Spittin hot fire you suckas coughin up smoke rings,
Neo geo I'm the king of the monsters,
My fire breath can cook ebirah lobsters,
Human beings want me dead but I ain't havin that,
All the cats want my crown but I ain't havin that,
For example the Toho crew,
Megalon king ghidora they can get it too,
1 word to describe myself WHAM,
I am making marks all o-over Tokyo Japan

Verse 2
I'm the only beast that can take out Ultraman,
The super squad, and the Big Bad Beetleborgs DAMN!
If you try get all brolic imma drop ya,
I wish all the haters quit buggin me Mothra,
Everybody's in danger,
Play my tune and the beast come out green ranger,
Bring on the army tanks and the big guns,
Both tools cant affect me stop being dumb,
If you think the opposite then we gon see,
Real talk King Kong ain't nothin on me,
Bad MCs spittin Reptar raps,
98 Godzilla movie all types of wack,
WilZilla is a Kaiju,
That might appear near an ocean or bayou,
Y'all should've put me in a damn cage,
Cuz I'm on some Lizzie ish goin on a Rampage.


released 19 February 2014
Kadesh Flow - Mixing
JFKratez - Producer



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